Questions & Answers that may help you before booking an appointment

Q:   Am I awake or asleep?
A:   You will be awake, just in a lovely relaxed state of consciousness pretty much like a deep meditation or daydreaming.

Q:   Will I remember everything I experience?
A:   Yes of course you will to begin with, but over a period of time the memories will start to fade, which is why your regression is digitally recorded for you.

Q:   Can I bring a friend along?
A:  I do not advise any friend or family member are part of your regression therapy. This is simply because you will always be aware of your them being in the room with you, and it could make it very difficult for you to open up and regress. Also, you never know if that friend or family member was in a past life with you.

Q:   Can regression be traumatic?
A:   This depends on the individual and what the subconscious/higher self wants to show you and allow you to experience, but please don't be put off by thinking you could end up experiencing something terrible. Usually clients can get more joyfully emotional when they find out information than traumatic emotion, and I always have a large box of tissues ready !!

Q:   Can I book another regression therapy with you in the future?
A:   Yes, it will be great to carry on where we left off or search out another lifetime, but I recommend a minimum of one hour, and four weeks after the last session to allow any information to come forward. We can then discuss how things have been for you since we last met up and any other bits of information you have gathered since.

Q:   I have been told we have hundreds of past lives, is this true?
A:   There are many opinions on this, but we do have plenty and unfortunately we don't always find the right ones in just one session either. Sometimes it can take a few more before we hit the core of deeper issues. Regression therapy is on-going as there are many lives to research.

Q:   I have been experiencing some dreams recently, can any of these be related to past lives?
A:   Very much so, this is because when you dream you are in the same state as in regression. You're subconscious takes over when you sleep and this is where you have many regression experiences where you are in contact with your higher self and can be astrally projecting around the universe (oops, that's another subject)

Q:   If there have been so many people on the planet and not everyone regresses, where do all the souls go? Is there enough room?
A:   Don't look at Spirit as a place to go as you do in human form. Spirit is a vibration, it can be anything you want it to be. To the Ancient Egyptians, for example, it was a beautiful paradise with everything they needed if their heart measured True. To Christians it is Heaven, but regardless of the vision created of the afterlife always remember, there is no such thing as "space or time" as we know it now in Spirit, just vibration, energy and light. You have to shift your thinking to another level of conciousness to understand vibrations and the higher dimensions.

Q:   In the past I have been hypnotised and it was quite traumatic, am I going to experience the same thing with regression?
A:   Not necessarily. Again this depends on what you need to learn, or find out about yourself and your past lives. What ever happens you will always be in control of the situation and able to communicate with me at all times. I will just be asking you simple questions depending on where your subconscious takes you.

Q:   Will I be able to check up and verify any information from my regression?
A:   There is a possibility of doing this, as the subconscious may give names and years that you can check with The Family Records Centre, BUT, please be aware that the subconscious works on images and visions that you will understand and not dates. Dates and times are only specific to human physical consciousness grounded on earth. Regression is working with the higher realms of your subconscious where there are no limits!

Q:   I have been for a regression before and just could not see, feel or hear anything and don't feel I was regressed, what's that all about then?
A:   As I have said before anyone can be regressed if they are "meant" to be. I have seen many clients over time and I admit there are a few who just aren't here to be regressed. Some have come and received confirmation of something they already knew about their path. Your regression will be individual to you on your life path.

Q:  I have read somewhere that through Regression I can contact members of my family who have died and also my Spirit Guides. Is this something you do?
A:  Yes, not only can this be incorporated into your Regression appointment, but you can book a 2 hour appointment to concentrate on this and learn how to contact family or Guides in the future and ask for their help of advice. We all have the ability to learn to become multi-dimensional, we just need someone to help us find that path and link.

Q: Is my regression recorded in anyway?
A: Yes I touched on this point earlier, the fee you pay also includes a superior quality digital recording of the whole of your regression. It will be posted to you within 14 days of your appointment. All regressions are recorded with additional notes taken there is no alternative, if you do not wish to be recorded then please find someone else to book an appointment with.

So, what can I achieve from Regression then?
A: Ha, ha! Good Question. I see lost of therapist reel of a list of things that can be achieved, but as far as I am concerned your Higher Self / Sub-concious will decide what you need to learn from yourself or review from a past life. Too many therapist list negative influences from other lives influencing this life, well quite frankly if you wish to live in that negative atmosphere and worry about past influences that is fine, but at my practice I hope I can send you away with a completely different attitude to "Life, The Universe & Everything" and it doesn't always involve a towel!

Q: How much do you charge?
A: My fees are £45 for 2 hours. If it's your first regression then you will need to book 2 hours with me, no less as the frist half an hour is my consultation. The rest is your regression time. If you have been before and would like to book an hour, to see me or would like to make a block booking of 5-6 sessions you can do so, please discuss this with me at your appointment.  

Q: Can I buy a 2 hour appointment as a gift?
A: Yes, please ask about gift vouchers and loyalty cards.

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