Thermo-Aricular© Therapy

Despite the grand name this therapy is basically the use of candles and often can be seen advertised as Hopi Ear Candles. It is in fact a hollow tube made in the traditional Hopi Indain way by using a combination of herbal extracts, such as Sage, Chamomile and St John’s Wort which are then blended in honey and organically grown linen and beeswax.

Consulting a qualified Thermo-Aricular ã Therapist may not be the first thing that you think of to treat ear, nose and throat problems, but perhaps you should. It is wonderful for treating migraine and headaches, glue ear in children, catarrh, sort throats, cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis, “flu” and excessive ear wax.

During the treatment the candles work in three phases, the first bring a chimney effect where a gentle suction, draws out debris from the ear,. Next the mild heat stimulated the blood and lymph circulation, boosting the immune system, therefore boosting the boy’s natural cleansing action. Finally, a regulation of the pressure within the sinuses.

If you have never had this therapy before or maybe you have seen Hopi Ear Candles for sale in many shops or fayres around the country and are concerned about using them, then consult a qualified therapist and you will be in safe hands. Many people repost an immediate release of pressure in their head after just one treatment session although depending on the condition, three sessions may be required to ease an ongoing problem fully.

For safety reason BISUN, the makers of ear candles do not recommend you carry out the treatment by yourself !