Spinal Touch Therapy

Spinal Touch is a century-old technique for people of all ages which is drug-free, non-invasive and painless – it is hanging plumb line which shows where the spine should be and where it is and the therapist makes some simple assessments showing how the therapy should be applied.

Next, the client is placed face down on a therapy table where the spine is supported by carefully – placed cushions; in many cases the pain will ease even before therapy starts. The body relies for its control on reporting function upon the nerves, which mainly emerge from the spine.

Our life-style – bad car seats, loads carried on one shoulder or in front, fashion shoes, poor diet, slouching and so on – can distort the spine so the muscles around ti have to work overtime to hold it up and can’t relax.

The therapy itself is given by a thumb being placed under a selected buttock and the other hand being used to gently rub a host of places over the buttocks, spine, shoulders, neck, head and abdomen. This instructs the muscles holding the spine to relax and in almost every case the muscles obey. Once the muscles are relaxed the spine straightens, so pressure is taken off the nerve roots. Pain and sickness go, but the therapist will usually give advice about life-style changes to keep away. On average people need about four or five treatments to ensure complete relief and should thereafter have treatment every few months as a “top-up”

Spinal Touch can help with just about anything: pile, prostate trouble, impotence, bed wetting, allergies, breathing difficulties, headaches, constipation, nevers, poor eyesight, hay fever, lack of energy, you name it!

For back pain, it is fantastic!