This can be especially useful for postural problems, musculo-skeletel problems and any stress related illnesses, including emotional problems. Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the historical techniques of Japan. Modern Shiatsu is based on these oriental traditions, (which go back several thousand years) drawn together with ideas and knowledge from modern disciplines such as physiotherapy and psychology. These different disciplines were drawn together this century, mainly by the work of Shizotu Masunaga, to form what is now referred as Zen Shiatsu. The focus of the Zen Shiatsu practitioner is to work with a client in the “here and now”, both giver and receiver having an “active” involvement in what should become a meditative and intuitive process.

The term Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” and as such only just begins to describe the work of the practitioner. In reality, various parts of the giver’s body (fingers, thumbs, palms, forearms, even feet and knees) are used to apply pressure to the receiver’s body. This can be targeted at general areas or specific points – often the same points used in acupuncture.

These techniques used in conjunction with stretches, joint rotations and join manipulation give an “all-over” treatment which aims at treating the receiver on an holistic level – working with the body, mind and spirit by contacting the receiver’s internal energy is as an integral part of the treatment.

A typical treatment will last about 45 minutes to an hour, fully clothes usually with the receiver lying or sitting on a cushion on the ground.