This is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet or hands where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature. It is a simple non-invasive treatment which helps the body to maintain a delicate balance between the nine systems of Skeletal, Muscular, Vascular, Neurological, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urinary and Reproductive. All these systems work together in harmony and unison to keep the body in a state of good health.

No one knows exactly how Reflexology works although many theories exisit. Most Reflexologists subscribe to the theory that the body is divided into ten longitudinal zones (or energy pathways). These zones are lines running the entire length of the body, five on each side of the meridian line (an imaginary line running from the crown of the head to between the feet). The zones extend into the feet which are also divided into ten zones, five on each foot. Energy of Chi flows through each zone. When the energy flow is blocked by congestion disorder and even disease can occur. When the therapist treats a reflex point the main aim is to enhance the energy flow encouraging the body to heal itself and the systems to work again in unison. Another benefit of the therapy is to break down tiny waste deposits than can sometimes be found at reflex points and encourage their removal through the normal elimination process. Medical Dr's William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers are generally acknowledged as the forefathers of modern reflexology and since then other Dr's have gone on to deliver the treatments slightly differently but all having the same end result.