NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a total approach to discovering how we structure and experience our world. Our brain and nervous system (Neuro), filters experiences and information through our senses and forms patterns of responses. We then use language to describe and make sense of our experience (Linguistic). Instinctive responses that can then create patterns of thought and behaviour that we repeat time and time again, become our Programming. These responses can help or hinder us, and they can be changed.

NLP practitioners look at how our attitude can affect our actions. Trying to understand the structure of our behaviour and how to re-programme when it is no longer useful to us. Our logical conscious mind can often sift through our problems make sense of them and dismiss, delete or process our thoughts. When a behaviour or thought pattern becomes faulty, the unconscious mind can take over. This plays with our memories and beliefs around a situation and creates stress within the system. Processing the problem becomes harder and we may go into denial and shelve it for a while, or it may keep coming up and begin to create physical, mental and emotional health problems. This is like clearing a garden of weeds, but not getting to the roots. In time the weeds will grow again, but if you can go beneath, untangle the roots and get rid of them, then the garden will become clear.

NLP also uses a process called Modelling, which can be applied to ourselves or others. We can self-model to find out how excellently we can do something and we can model others to find out how they are able to so what they do.

NLP is a journey of self-exploration and discovery of your tru potential. Some problems we have are systematic and they limit us and our ability to live a balances and healthy life. Without these limitations imagine what you could grow in your garden.