Meridian Therapies

Its is really possible to heal and transform old hurts, current difficulties, and fear about the future in just minutes?

Can there really be a simple method that will make emotional stress, upset, anger, fear, and trauma melt away like snow in the morning sun?

Yes, it is possible with the growing field of Meridian Therapies and Energy Psychology. Sometimes described as acupressure for the emotions, these simple yet extraordinary powerful techniques are transforming the lives of phobia sufferers, students, struggling with exam anxiety, business people afraid of public speaking, performing artists paralysed by stage fright and sports people pursuing peak performance. They are as effective for weight loss, fear of flying and driving test anxiety as they are for the trauma of war and natural disasters and can free the nightmare of post-traumatic stress disorder.

By unblocking the chakras and Meridians within the body a state of balance and flow feeds back into our mental, emotional and physical systems which in turn alleviates distress.