Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a very gentle Skin movement technique. No oils or creams are used, but may be administered on completion of the treatment, steaming blankets are a definite contradiction and no pain should be experienced if being treated by a qualified and skilled therapist.
About 50% of the population sufferers from a weakened lymphatic system, and trouble with it can trigger a whole range of complaints including: bronchitis, laryngitis, ear and eye problems, asthma, eczema, sinus trouble and cystitis.

The human lymphatic system is mainly ignored and more often abused, despite the fact that is works round the clock to removed the cellular debris and foreign bodies, reduce excess fluids, fight infection and repair damage throughout the body. By boosting your lymph, you will not only have fewer colds and be less susceptible to illness, you will also have a clearer skin and brighter eyes. It may even reduce capillaries that transports blood from your heart to your cells and back again. When you system becomes blocked by an infection or overloaded by excessive toxins, problems can occur.

There are 5 internationally renowned schools for manual lymphatic drainage: Vodder, Foldi, Casley-Smith, Leduc and Asdonk and therapists will belong to the MLDUK.