LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy is a modern technique drawing on ancient Native American traditions using heated basalt and cooled marble on the body. Developed by Mary Nelson Hannigan in Arizona in 1993 LaStone Therapy combines traditional massage and reflexology techniques with thermo therapy and can affect you on a purely physical level, an emotional level and even on a spiritual level. LaStone Therapy is an original stone treatment.

The heat of the stones “melts” your muscles bringing deep relaxation. The heat helps to increase circulation and improve lymph drainage thus helping rid of the body of toxins. At various points during the treatment cold stones can be introduced which causes vasoconstriction. This releases histamines and has an analgesic pain relieving effect. The alternation of hot and cold speeds up the blood flow and then slows it down. This can have a deeply therapeutic effect on your body. The contrast between hot and cold is “absolute bliss” and the benefits of LaStone therapy treatment last much longer than traditional massage or reflexology. It’s a massage and deep tissue healing, detoxification, immune system function booster and an energy treatment in one.