Have you ever wondered why either a health practitioner has shined a bright light into your eye ? They are examining the iris and lens that brings the light rays to a focus forming an image upon the retina where the light falls upon the rods and cones, causing them to stimulate the optic nerve and transmit visual impressions to the brain.

Iridology is based on the assumption that every organ of the human body has a corresponding location within the iris and that one can determine whether an organ is healthy or diseased by examining the iris rather than the organ itself.

To a trained iridologist the eye represents a map dividing up the eye into sections, using the image of a clock face as a base. So, for example if you wanted to know the condition of your thyroid gland the eye would have a portion showing discolouration, flecks, streaks, etc. An iridologist can do an examination of your whole body with nothing more than a map, a magnifying glass and a flashlight. What is most peculiar about the iris is that each iris is absolutely unique an unchangeable, so much so that many claim that the iris is a better identifier of an individual than fingerprints, this is why there are now iris print machines to use in airports and banks.

What to expect from a consultation ?
You will receive a better understanding of your inherent and acquired body weaknesses and how your symptoms are connected. With that understanding alone you empower yourself and can make informed choices. Most Iridologists are herbalists, homeopaths, or nutritionalists so they will be able to make a treatment plan for you or alternatively will be able to recommended you to someone suitable, specific to your individual requirements.