Crystal Therapy

We have come to view crystal healing as a relatively new therapy, but the healing powers of crystals and gemstones have been know to man since time began. They were used as talismans, as power symbols by the ancient Egyptians and Mayans, and by the Native American Indians and Aboriginals Medicine Men for healing and Shamanic journeys. Plato also made reference to them within the Atlantean Temples in his famous dialogues. In India, the relationship between gemstones and astrology is part of everyday life, and in China there has been an ongoing relationship with the extraordinary properties of Jade since the beginning of the Dynasties.

In recent times, though much research and study we have re-learned how the energies of crystals can help us with out health and healing, on the physical, mental and emotional levels, as well as aiding us in our spiritual development. Crystal healing, as a therapy, can take many forms from Gem Elixirs, which we take internally to the more well known art of lay on the stone.

When you visit a therapist, after an initial consultation, you will asked to relax on a comfortable therapy couch, and be covered with warm blankets or towels, whilst listening to soft relaxing music. Whilst you lie there, drifting into a state of deep relaxation, the healer will carefully chose specific stones and gems appropriate to your needs, and then gently place them on and around your body. Focusing often on the energy centres (chakras). The therapist will them activate the crystals to allow them to balance and harmonise your subtle body energies.

What makes a crystals unique from all other matter is the fact that its vibration is constant, whilst our own vibrations fluctuate all the time. During times of disease and disharmony our vibrations lower, so a carefully selected crystal that matches our own frequency will help to gently raise that level of vibration back to normal healthy level.

It is very easy these day to buy crystals in many shops, but unless you have knowledge of the subtle energies of your body, and how to cleanse, program and use a crystal it’s advisable to seek the help of a crystals therapist to balance your body. Otherwise the benefit of buying a crystal off the shelf will be of no use to you at all apart from looking “pretty”