Colour Therapy

Is an affective healer as our mind, body and emotions are sensitive to colour. Colour does not have to be seen to affect us - every cell in the body is light sensitive and responds to the frequency of colour. As a therapy, way of life and universal language, colour therapy has been used and taught in many forms throughout the ages.

Everyday we describe our emotions and the state of our health in the language of colour without even thinking about it, i.e. being green with envy, seeing red, feeling blue, in the pink and even being "off colour". Illustrating how absolutely colour effects our lives and how deeply ingrained it is.

Colour therapy is an entirely natural and safe healing treatment, designed to restore balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our beings. Its is also considered to be a powerful tool in self-transformation.

A treatment with colour therapy involves the use of colour, the application and medium of colour can be given in many ways, but all work to bring the body (subtle and physical) back into harmony, thereby restoring vitality and well-being at all levels.

Colour therapy is complementary to allopathic medicine, many practitioners combine colour with another therapy in their work. Its also stands as an effective therapy in its own right.

It is believed that this healing art dates back to pre-atlantean times. We know the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used coloured temples as treatment centres. Colour has played its part successfully in all cultures. The 7th Century Arab physician Avicenna who wrote the book titled "The Canon" developed a colour chart detailing many uses, he made reference to the effects of primary colours can have on an individual, one being red stimulates the blood and blue cools it. In 1958 the US scientist Robert Gerard proved that red light could raise blood pressure and blue light could lower it.