Body Harmony

This involves synthesis of traditional and cutting edge body and breath-work methods with the focus on the client, not the practitioner, as the true source of healing. Created by Don McFarland in the 1980's and rapidly growing in popularity around the world Body Harmony is effective, enjoyable and powerful.

All our experiences is registered and remembered not only in the mind, but in the physical tissue of the body. Positive, loving, joyful experiences expand our bodies and free our movements, whereas trauma, stress, judgements, limitations and suppressed emotions compress our tissues and musculature. These compressions and restrictions can lead to physical pain, tension and illness, and to negative patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour which limit our lives and healing potential.

A Body Harmony practitioner listens to the physical emotions, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies of the client via gentle, non-evasive touch and all of the senses. Once the stories held in the cellular memory are acknowledged they can be released from the tissue, allowing the body to unwind, relax and resolve past traumas. Healing can take place, and the client can be free to respond to situations from their present day reality rather than from their history.

What happens in a session
The session begins with a discussion of the client's issues, goals, hopes and dreams. Practitioner and client then explore together the connection between words, intent, breath, posture and movement. The client will then lie (fully clothed) on a treatment couch whilst the practitioner gently listens to the body with soft, fluid hands. Because each session is so personal there are no "normal" ways to experience Body Harmony, though it is common for physical energetic and emotional sensations to arise and shift. Many people feel deeply relaxed and even blissful at the end of a session, with noticeably freer movement. Whilst it is possible for an issue to be permanently resolved in one session, several may be necessary for full release and integration. Each session is a fresh exploration, which will deepen the healing and strengthen the mind-body connection. Because its so gentle and no-evasive, its is safe and suitable for all ages and conditions. Its is particularly useful for getting to the root of persistent, recurring or unexplained ailments and conditions which have failed to respond to a more conventional physical or psychological approach. It is very effective for anyone who regularly takes painkillers, who is assimilating change, feels stuck in a situation or wishes to give up an old habit or pattern. It is a valuable stress-management tool and excellent during pregnancy. It is not necessary to be ill of distressed to benefit from Body Harmony, for many people it is a path to personal growth and a profound practice for life.