Body Alignment Technique

Body Alignment Technique is a vibrational energy healing technique that locates identifies energy imbalances & blockages in the body's systems. These blockages are caused through negative emotional experiences, past trauma, environmental stress, toxicity and suppressed emotions that become encoded into our body's cellular memory and become part of our biological systems.

Jeff Levin, a qualified architect, nutritionist, author, healer, and pioneer, in the world of energy medicine, developed the technique. Through his own ill health he began to explore many different avenues of self-healing and was guided to a map of body points or gateway that accessed the energy systems of the body. He began teaching this techniques about 13 years ago. Practitioners work with natural law at a higher voltage. The process honours "true" or "higher self" and not the programmes adopted through life's experiences. The body's innate intelligence, with which we are working, activates its own self-healing abilities. This process empower the recipient, to become co-creators of their own health and well being. Practitioners are merely facilitating the removal of these energy blockages.

During a process known as "balance" the recipient lied fully clothes, receives gently, non-manipulative hand-on treatment. The systems are accessed through body points or gateways that reflect the energy of organs, glands and systems. Using applied Kinesiology or dowsing with a pendulum the practitioner accesses the body, stored memories, facilitates and helps clear memory pathways, bringing about a healing experience.

We are multi dimensional beings and Body Alignment works on all levels of this being. Overlaying and interacting with our physical body are the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, making our subtle bodies. Imbalances are generally initiated in these subtle fields, before manifesting in our physical body as pain and disease. When we become ill, it is our body shouting for us to pay attention and to make some very long overdue changes.

Trauma and blockages carry an energetic charge that weakens the fields causing a vulnerability and susceptibility to our systems. Deep and emotional transformation and the effect on the physical is often immediate and profound as we assist in bringing all these fields, including chakras and meridians back into alignment.