The Alexander Technique

This is not a therapy but a learning process. Thankfully, its not a book learning, its actually mind and body learning. With the help of the Alexander teacher you learn how to improve your breathing, balance, co-ordination and movement. You learn how to release tension and stimulate a lengthening of your muscles. This lets you move more freely and easily. It is a skill and learning it can take a little time, remember when you first learned to ride a bike and you had to learn to co-ordinate your legs, arms and balance ? With practice, the Alexander Technique becomes part of your and you wonder how you ever managed without it.

In a lesson the teacher uses their hands to guide your muscles towards a state of ease and freedom. The touch is very gently, you don’t need to undress and there is no manipulation. Explanations are given to teach you to use yourself more freely and easily. It’s not a massage all the teachers hands do it influence you to work with what was you have told in the lesson and integrate this into your life.