Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

I am nearly always asked where my practise is and how much I charge, so to avoid any confusion I am based in North Devon and I charge £45 fo 2 hours (not including travelling costs). I can only offer this service to ladies and couples after a chat on the phone.  I find people are more relaxed in this type of environment. If this suits you then contact me for an initial chat. Please note: I do not give advice by email about past life regression or whether it can be of any help to you, this can only be determined by yourself after your regression. It is highly recommended that your read this page fully as ALL the information you need is here. However, feel free to email me if you would like to arrange a chat on the phone and an appointment in the future.

If you are in a totally different area of the UK or even abroad then please click here to visit Jenny Smedleys website and click the Therapists link to visit one of the most comprehensive lists online.

Let's continue......
Have you ever wondered if you had a past life? Could you have been someone famous? Perhaps you need to release some energies from a past life that are affecting you now. Have you something to teach yourself and you just can't rem part of some fantastic regressions. Some have been royalty, some have been in Ancient Rome or Greece, others have been ordinary folk going about their business. I have taken people forward to the future and also to meet their Soul Group. Regression can also work to eliminate any fears you have too just like hynosis does for flying, spiders, etc. We can even visit your current life and find experiences from the past that could be limiting you now. What ever your reason for regression I can help you find your path and your way forward.

Please wonder round my site and if you have any further questions come and find me on Facebook using the link at the bottom of the page.

What is Past Life Regression
There are many myths and misconceptions about what Past Life Regression actually is and what happens, and these have been further confused by "stage hypnotism".  The one thing you can be assured of is that anyone can be regressed.  Regardless of your personal faith or belief regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis unlocking doors in your mind to understand how past lives can be influencing who you are now.  Have you ever coined the phrase "I am sure I am paying for something in a past life" when things are not going quite right for you, or perhaps you have met a stranger and felt that you knew them, maybe you have visited a place and had that feeling of deja vu?  Often people and places are important in our lives in helping in our progression and experiences we are here to gain. Sometimes we bring traumatic experiences into this life from a past life, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or behaviour.  Under regression these issues can be dealt with so that they can no longer have any effect.  It is documented that we have can experience many lifetimes and there are certainly plenty of books available on the subject.
Prior to you making a booking please read my FAQs page, which should hopefully answer a few questions for you, but if you have any more feel free to find me on Facebook for a chat.

What to Expect
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease when you book an appointment for therapy.  On your first visit we will discuss what you want to gain from past life regression and a few notes will be taken.  You will be then be taken into a beautiful calm state of mind using visualisation and relaxation techniques by only my voice.  There will be no swinging pendulums, bright lights or anything else that you may have been told about, as I have said before this is not stage hypnosis!!  You won't fall asleep and neither will you be unconcious.  You will remain in complete control and aware of everything happening to you.  It is perfectly safe and natural state of mind, very much like daydreaming.  You will be able to experience your past lives in your mind as if you were there as it actually happened.  As a fully qualified regression therapist you can be assured of an enlightening professional experience.  I have been following my spiritual path in helping others for over 20 years.  I believe in helping people to heal themselves and to learn to enjoy their life experiences and am also a qualified Reiki practitioner.  When you book an appointment with me, not only do I teach you how you will be able to meditate and regress yourself in the future, but also how to contact your spirit guides and ancestors who have crossed over the thin veil to the next dimension. If you have unfinished business or just want to learn how to contact them again at anytime please let me know as this can be incorported into your regression, or you can simply book a Spirit Guidance appointment and we will focus on that for you.

What I can offer you
Past Life Regression - vist one of a few of your previous lives.
Dealing with Phobias - if you have any fears or anxieties, you will go home feeling more secure and free.
Soul Group Work - meet your soul group and find out the lessons you are to learn in this life and what it's like back in the soul group "inbetween incarnations".
Meet Your Family - want to speak to grandparents, aunts, uncles, we can do that too.
Your possibly future
Learn how to safely regress yourself in the future

Booking an appointment with me
As you have read above I am based in North Devon and I don't mind travelling the North Devon area. I have colleagues who cover the rest of Devon if you would like their details please email me. I have been practising regression and inbetween lives and soul therapy for 6 years professionally and I am also a Reiki Grand MAster Teacher. My first experience with spirit was at 12 years old, and I am also an amateur historian and Egyptologist.

My fees are £45 per hour, this includes my travel costs and a professional mastered digital recording that will be posted to you within 48 hours. If it's your first regression then you will need to book 2 hours with me, no less, as the first 20 minutes are my consultation time with you discussing regression and practising relaxation, the rest of the time is for your regression. All regressions are recorded and if you wish to have your regression videod then please discuss this with me before hand. If you can coming to stay in North Devon and would like to book an appointment, please email me at to discuss.

I also have Gift Vouchers and Loyalty Card available. Please ask.

So, when would now be a good time to have regression?


Carolyn x

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